• Tending the Sweet Spots in Buzzing Noe Valley

    Bee ‘Guardian’ Works to Relocate Unwanted Hives and Their Tenants By Matthew S. Bajko : The Noe Valley Voice November 2020 With two decades of experience under his protective helmet, Philip Gerrie has become a go-to herder of Apis mellifera, or western honey bees, for people across the Bay Area dealing with swarming hives on…

  • Beekeeper Philip Gerrie–He’s Not in It for the Honey

    By Lorraine Sanders : The Noe Valley Voice November 2005 You might think that being an apiarist–a beekeeper, in layman’s terms–would go hand in hand with a love, or at least a strong affection, for honey. But you’d be wrong. For Noe Valley beekeeper Philip Gerrie the golden, viscous substance drawn from his four hives…

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